Taking Care of Your Lovely Sofa

Sofas are goods which are always found in every modern homes now . Now , the sofa is made of various kinds of materials and with various designs . Everyone always wanted to get together with friends or meet guests as comfortable as possible , so most are willing to buy an expensive couch to meet those needs .


Caring Sofa not It Hard

Some of the activities the family can do together on the couch , the couch so likely to become dirty or change shape over time , would have been very unfortunate . For the average couch expensive precious should we care to be comfortable to use and clean .

Some people use the sofa cleaning services because they do not know how to clean it and clean the couch assume it is a difficult case . Actually cleaning the couch is not a matter that is so difficult , you just need persistence and spend a few hours a week to care for your family pet sofa . Here are some things you can do to take care of your sofa .

Dry it once a week on a regular basis

If you have a sofa that has a complement bearings , you also need to take care of cushions . Dry for about 1 hour , pat on the pillow cushions to keep dust out . Expose pillow can also kill bacteria and mites for .

Keep sofa from stains

The adage ‘ prevention is better than cure ‘ seems to apply also to the couch . To prevent trouble cleaning the stain on the couch , you and your family should try to keep the sofa from the risk of stains . When already stained , clean the stain immediately with water or cleaning fluids . However you may not use any cleaning liquid, use a special liquid so as not to damage the fabric or color .

Diligent Cleaning Dust

To clean the dust on the couch , you need a vacuum cleaner , if there is no vacuum cleaner you must be diligent patted the couch and dried . This dust is useful for maintaining healthy family of bacteria , allergies , and or mites . As much as possible to clean the entire surface of the sofa corner.

Different Materials, Different Treatments

The sofa is made ​​of different materials . How the above is more appropriately used for the treatment couch made ​​of cloth , silk or linen . But if you have a leather sofa or leather imitation , of how to care for the sofa is also different . Use special cleaning soap leather couch so as not to damage the material when cleaning stains . For routine maintenance , you need to clean a leather sofa with water and mild soap , wipe the sofa with a soft sponge as well . Routine maintenance with water to avoid cracking the couch . To avoid these cracks , do not hang the couch under direct sunlight for a long time , couch aerated enough . For faux leather sofa , you can simply clean the shoe polish or water with a mild soap , such as baby soap . Easy is not caring for your favorite sofa ?